Using USB Connection


  • USB Cable
  • PC With Windows OS or Mac OS X
  • BlackBerry® Desktop Software

Note TinyController 1.0 doesn't support connection to password protected BlackBerry device via USB. Please upgrade to 1.1 or later or use other connection methods.

Quick guide: Download and install BlackBerry® Desktop Software, plug your BlackBerry® device using USB. Click "Connect", choose "USB" and choose your PIN.

BlackBerry® Desktop Software is a free application provided by Research In Motion® (RIM®) for users running Windows and OS X Operating System that allows you to manage BlackBerry® devices. Visit RIM's website to download and install the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.


If you are using your BlackBerry® device as USB disk, or some other program is accessing the USB feature of the BlackBerry® device, you may get disconnected. If this happens, try the following:

  1. Try to connect again, most of the time this should work.
  2. If it doesn't work, try disconnecting your USB device, wait for a few moment, plug it back in, wait for a few moment to let the Operating System finish scanning the device, then click on connect again.
  3. If it still doesn't work, restart the TinyController app in your device, and also the app in your Desktop.
  4. If all else fails, restart your BlackBerry® device and your Operating System.

Note that TinyController uses the USB feature from BlackBerry® Desktop Software, so please make sure that the BlackBerry® Desktop Software works fine in your machine. Some software (antivirus/anti malware) may block BlackBerry® Desktop Software. Try to sync your BlackBerry® device to your Desktop to test that there is no problem in your BlackBerry® Desktop Software software.